METEORA STUDIO presents its research, teaching, and architectural projects. :) digitalArchitectonics  + brought us together *  We are 5 friends passionate about architecture, internet, and cinema
💐 Katia Ageeva from Russia, Samuel Jaccard from Switzerland, Adil Bokhari from Pakistan, ☄️ Dr. Jorge Orozco from Mexico, and Dr. Miro Roman from ☁️ Yugoslavia 
We talk about the beauties and challenges of our world today by playing with the abundance of digital information 👀️. We want to bring AI to ARCHITECTURE. It is like ‘Casa De Musica’ –with films– that brings into proportion suprematist abstraction and animated constructivism. This is what we think Artificial Intelligence brings to our newly set table. Recycling that keeps objects alive. Welcome to our world! :) ** Lets do it together :-*

Samuel Jaccard

Sam is an architectural student, film maker and an sound designer.


soundcloud janusel

Katia Ageeva

Katia is a practical architect and urban planer with more than 10 years of experience. Katia gives shorkshops on architectural graphics and lectures on urbanism. She is the author of architecture tours to Post Soviet countries.

Katia’s portfolio

Adil Bokhari

Adil is an architect, resercher, cartographer, lecturer,  and a digital artist.


Jorge Orozco

Jorge is a university lecturer, AI researcher, visual artist, and building designer.



Miro Roman

Miro is an architect, resercher, object lover, designer, tutor, and a writer.


We are architects. We are researchers. We are digital. 🌞️ We are from everywhere. We love movies, AI, and architecture. 👀️