😀 Smile.Links 😋
by Deo.Talks

"WHAT'S the smiley ABOUT?" YOU ASK?

Look closer :), yes a bit more…
The smile turns real[1]. 
The landscape starts to talk.

Even at a distance my eyes recognized her instantly; her face had
a kind and tender smile[2].
I would go so far as to give her a name;
I would say, smiling[3].

It is Deo.
Deo.Talks 😇

A goddess of landscapes, vines, rivers, grapes. Demeter or Ceres,
we call her Deo[4]. Today she links and thinks :) Like the internet,
like machine intelligence, your intelligence, and mine.
Let all Things smile and seem to welcome the Arrival of your Guests[5].

The landscape smiles.
You smile![6]
Viña Lanciano smile.
Quinta do Seixo smiles :)

Take a break. 😉 Take a photo, ask a question, smile :)
Share it, cycle, and recycle. All of it:
The smile, the talk, the wood, the wine, summer, and winter…
The virus and the war, CRISPR and cell cultures, atoms, and
electrons. Their entropy and rainbows :)

I smile at you, and you smile at me back[7]. 
Come on, Talk to Deo 😘

[1] Powers, The Overstory [2] Erasmus, Poems [3] Rousseau, Collected Works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau [4] Demeter or Ceres is also called Deo (Δηώ) [5] Alberti, 10 books of architecture [6] Seneca, Complete Works [7] Ovid, Metamorphoses


Smile.Links is a proposal for the Concéntrico 08, the Logroño Internationa Festival of Architecture and Design. Instalation consists of three elements. Two smiley billboards in respected landscapes of Viña Lanciano and Quinta do Seixo and Deo.Talks search engine.  

At first glance, smileys bring smiles and positive energy to landscapes, but on the other hand, they link the landscapes via an online app to many different bits of knowledge and stories related to them.

The landscapes start to talk when one takes the phone and scans the delicately placed QR code on the smiley. In a way, smileys encode a link that a careful eye decodes, and the landscapes start to speak yet in another language.

We believe that the smileys in a way bring knowledge, digitality, social media, branding, and a smile to the landscapes while treating them as lively and beautiful characters.

Let us remember agriculture as a cradle of culture. Let us think how pagus forms the page of a book, and how an emoji in this manner is a part of both agriculture and literacy 🥰.

The landscape expresses the page of pages quite precisely, by doubling or exponentially increasing the pagi. A book can be shut, completed, a labyrinth, well or prison; the landscape page of pages, always open, displayed, free, readable, stretched out, unfolded, uncovered, manifest and obvious, never hides one page with another. This fragile book is the one we should pursue. The earth’s adornment does not lie.

Serres, The Five Senses